Monday, April 12, 2004

Anti-Catholicism, or just sloppy journalism?

I've noticed a number of articles these last few weeks regarding Senator Kerry and his Roman Catholic faith. Today, for example, the NYT has a piece which notes how Kerry went to mass at a "non-traditional" Catholic church this weekend and how a number of Catholic bishops in America are disturbed by politicians who claim Catholicism but deviate from the teachings. Interesting. Why is this only an issue with Catholicism? Would anybody care if George Bush went to a different church, or professed to believe something other than what the leaders of his church said? Why is this only an issue when it comes to Catholic politicians? I've often wondered if there is still a lingering anti-Catholic bias in the US, despite our "enlightened" times. I've often wondered if there are still people out there who feel that the "filthy papists" are out to supplant the US flag with the Vatican flag, despite the fact that Catholics have been voted to office all over the world and, to this day, none of them have surrendered their countries to the Pope and his Swiss Guard. This is such a non-issue, and yet the NYT makes it one. *sigh*


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