Monday, April 12, 2004

Are the natives growing restless?

This has not been a good stretch of time for El Presidente. Not only are people on both sides questioning some of the things said by Condi in both private and public...not only are there questions and the feeling of splitting hairs regarding the August 6th briefing memo...not only are people dying by the scores in Iraq (but hey..."major combat operations" have been over for almost a year..."Mission Accomplished!"...except for the hundreds dead since then, not to mention the thousands of dead Iraqis...), but people in his own party appear to be growing restless. Multiple articles in the Times and Washington Post today cite Republican officials and politicians as being uncomfortable with the way El Presidente's numbers are sliding in polls. From one article in the Times:

"The cumulative effect for Bush of just everything that is going on — the seeming hemorrhaging in Iraq, as the hearings — is very painful," Mr. Greenstein said. "I think the administration might have well hoped that by this time in the election cycle, things would have settled down in Iraq and they would have been busy defining Kerry as soft on national security and building on triumphant images of Bush on aircraft carriers."

The question has to be...if El Presidente can't run on national security, can he run on anything else? The economy isn't that bad right now, but the track record over three plus years isn't good. Nor is the cold, honest fact that his record on job creation is the worst of any administration since Herbert Hoover. But you have to wonder...if the natives are growing restless...when does desperation within the administration set in?


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