Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Blame Game

Closer to home, there is this very amusing story in the Post today regarding an ongoing feud between Fairfax County and Metro regarding who's responsible for picking up trash at the bins near bus stops around Bailey's Crossroads (not all that far from my house).

"The receptacles have not been serviced since they were installed three to four months ago. The county said Metro should take out the trash because the bins serve its bus passengers. But Metro says the cleanup is not the transit agency's responsibility because the garbage cans were placed by the county and are outside bus shelters on county property."

Seems to me that if the county actually installed them on their own, I'd say they're responsible. But it goes beyond that. One thing I've noticed in America over the last few years is an increasing unwillingness to accept responsibility. It is always someone else's fault. And it isn't just in politics, its something that I've noticed in our culture and society. Why take responsibility for your actions when you can blame whitey, management, employees, users, other nations, other cities, the neighbors....it goes on and on. Has it always been like this? Or is it a matter of our newly litigious culture (where we sue anyone for anything)? I wish I knew...


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