Friday, April 23, 2004

Long week

Been a long week. The AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy has kept me busy with stuff, plus there have been the regular things that make up my week. Carolyn is out this week at Learning Tree doing training, so I've also had to double as "boss" for Theresa and NewChris. Mostly, though, I'm just tired. Feel exhausted in the evenings, but what else is new? It'll be nice to have a weekend to relax and not worry about that stuff.

I had an odd experience at the Border's near my office yesterday (I know...I know...I'm not supposed to just buy lots of books until I've read all the ones I haven't started/finished, yet. That number is rapidly decreasing, though. Besides...I've been good!). Anyway, I went looking for a number of things off my wish list as well as a few books that were highly recommended by my therapist on social anxiety. And came up empty. On everything. Not a single one of six books I went looking for were actually in-stock at the store (and most were on 7-day order, which tells me they don't have much intention of restocking them). And yet, I can guarantee they probably had about a billion copies of Dan Brown books, Chicken Soup for the Megachain Loving Soul books, etc. Quite frustrating. Maybe I'll try Kramerbooks this weekend - haven't been there in awhile.


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