Monday, April 19, 2004

Monday blues...

I've resolved not to dwell on 9/11 or Iraq or El Presidente this week. Those three only serve to get my blood boiling when I should be concentrating on something else, yes? After all...this blog is about being over entertained...or not.

I went and saw both "Hellboy" and "Kill Bill Vol. 2" this weekend. Enjoyed "Hellboy" more than I was expecting to - its a comic book movie, but it knows what it is and doesn't try to be something else. It was entertaining and fun, though hardly deep. I had an annoying experience with people in the crowd, however. Too much talking at the screen, on cellphones, to friends, etc. I'm not sure why that's acceptable for certain people in society. I don't buy the cultural thing - its just flat out rude. There isn't much of an excuse for it, IMHO.

"Kill Bill Vol. 2" was good as well - I personally prefer it to the first volume. I'd be interested to see them back to back as one movie and not two - I think that would be the best environment to see them. I wonder if Tarantino will release a DVD that way eventually.

Otherwise, an uneventful weekend. Beautiful weather here, though a tad on the warm side for spring. I'm hoping we're not going to jump straight into summer, like we did last year (after the monsoon)...probably too much to hope for. I didn't do much. It becomes more and more clear that I need to start making some new friends. Not exactly my strongest ability, but...


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