Monday, April 12, 2004


I should stress that I don't necessarily believe that had El Presidente taken actions in the month between the August 6th memo and 9/11 to ratchet up things on the anti-terror front it would have necessarily led to the attacks being avoided. There were plenty of slip-ups between then and now and even on that particular day, the terrorists were able to get by decent (though not overwhelmingly so) protections against what they were planning to do. But then again...there's no way of really knowing. Its possible that nothing would have changed. Yet its also possible that it might not have. The point is that nothing was done at all - not that the attacks weren't thwarted.

El Presidente wants to claim that if we didn't have the exact time, flight numbers and boarding passes of the terrorists, there's no problem. Fine. But, doesn't that memo show a pattern? Doesn't it indicate a general push towards an action targeting the United States, which was woefully unprepared for such an attack? Was the Clinton Administration partially at fault? Certainly. But they're not the ones in charge now. El Presidente is.


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