Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Selling nuclear secrets...

This morning's NYT has an article detailing some news out of Pakistan's interrogation of its top nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan. For those of you playing the home game, this is the father of Pakistan's nuclear program and the man who has admitted to selling nuclear secrets to just about anyone who can pay (with the blessings of the Pakistani government and military, according to some). Apparently, Pakistan has decided to kindly inform those nations within range of North Korean rockets that Dr. Khan "informed" his interrogators that he was shown and allowed to briefly inspect three purported North Korean nuclear devices.

Now, I'll say nothing about Dr. Khan "informing his interrogators" things. Let's just say, from all I've read, Dr. Khan has hardly been forced to answer questions under durress. Moreover, there is quite a bit of evidence that he did all of these things with the full awareness and support of the Pakistani government, which made a killing selling nuclear secrets over the last decade. That all having been said...its clear that North Korea actually does possess weapons of mass destruction and a program to make more. And yet, we focused our attentions on Iraq. I'm not advocating a war against North Korea...but the case for war is much greater there than it was in Iraq. Am I sorry to see Hussein gone in Iraq? Hardly! But I'd be even less sorry to see Kim Jong-Il gone from North Korea...the last Stalinist society left on Earth. It seems rather clear to me that the administration's obsession with Iraq has blinded it to other difficulties in the world, perhaps more important ones. Or maybe they just thought they could beat up Iraq in a walk, whereas North Korea has sharper teeth?


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