Friday, April 02, 2004

Titanic strikes iceberg...sinks four hours later
In the catagory of "gee...what a big surprise..."...apparently Gateway has decided to finally give up and close all of its retarded Gateway Country stores. This had been coming forever. If you've ever been inside one of these monstrosities, you can immediately understand why they're all closing. Aggressive staff, nothing really works the way it would at your home, and an artificially cluttered atmosphere that smelled more of 'real estate' than 'computer store.' The computers themselves are junk to begin with, but the ones in their stores might as well have been those empty plastic/cardboard boxes you see at IKEA for all the use they were. At least the Apple stores have everything setup to work (and connected to the internet) and with all the typical software you'd use. And their staff doesn't harrass you when you walk inside and just browse. I challenge anyone to walk into an Apple store and not want to walk out with something. Gateway's purchase of eMachines was the final nail in the coffin, but this was coming for awhile now.


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