Monday, April 12, 2004

Who ARE these people?

Most days, I walk to the Metro to/from work. East Falls Church station is about a ten minute walk or so from my house, most of it along bike/run/walk trails built for Arlington County. Now, on a normal day, with the sun out (or just a lack of precipitation), there is a pretty even split between walkers and bikers headed to work (unlike the afternoon, just about all of the morning bikers appear to be headed to work, whereas the afternoon ones seem to be a split with recreational/exercise bikers). What I'd like to know is, who are these crazy people who bike no matter what the weather conditions? I mean...I've seen people biking in the pouring rain, in the snow, in hail, in 30mph winds... Are they insane? There are folks who will bike no matter what the conditions, even on days where I beg off for a ride, or drive and park. Morons. Morons all.


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