Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Capitals Grumblings

Hey...sue me! Its been a long time since I ranted about my beloved Caps. ;)

The NHL Draft is this weekend, the Caps possess the #1 pick (getting some good luck for a change and spoiling the Pens hopes) and opportunity to select Russian phenom Alexander Ovechkin - a player some scouts say may be one of the best to come along into the NHL since Maria was drafted by the Pens back in the 80s. And yet the Caps (who own two mid-late 1st Round choices as well) seem to be "undecided" about whom to pick - at least according to the Pravda story yesterday.

I usually don't like to second-guess the team, and the newspapers have been wrong before on this sort of thing, but...the Caps would be absolutely nuts to trade out of the top two spots, and I personally feel they'd probably be nuts to not grab a player like Ovechkin while they can. Let's face it - this is going to be a couple of years in the "rebuilding" stage at least - why try and stockpile questionable draft picks in a weaker draft (we already have a bunch) for some sort of magic bullet solution? Why not grab a phenom while we can, which should excite a fan base which feels let down after last season's disaster? I just know that GMGM is going to somehow find a way to draft this guy from the WHL - we've been in love with those guys. I hope I'm wrong - I really do.

As a side note, isn't it odd that there is absolutely ZERO Caps draft coverage in the Post right now? There have been multiple stories in Pravda during that time, and yet the Post continues to focus on the sucky Bullets. Wake up, guys!


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