Thursday, June 17, 2004

Les Expos (update)

Couple of articles of note today... Yesterday's Post has an article on the DC City Council's first attempts to brief area business on tax increases that would be likely for stadium construction, should MLB finally award the team to us. The tax issue still is unresolved, but I think this is a case where once the city is awarded the team, the businesses will fall in line and they'll find some sort of compromise way to work out the tax issue. Yes...its a total boondoggle for MLB and the new owners of the team, since they will have a nice, free, publicly financed stadium to enjoy - desire to have MLB back in Washington overrides my normal cynicism regarding that sort of thing.

Perhaps more interesting is this article in yesterday's Las Vegas Sun (a reprint of stuff from several different sources, including AP and *gasp* The Washington Times/Pravda), which can be interpreted in several different ways. The most obvious is that Angelos appears ready to throw in the towel on the inevitibility of the Expos coming to Washington (and thus removing the principle obstacle to the same). Particularly telling, his remark that:

"Unfortunately, I have no choice," Angelos told the AP of the Expos, should they eventually be placed in Washington. "After all, Washington is also my capital."

Very true. More interesting is the following news, which I had not seen:
The Oregonian of Portland quoted MLB chief operating officer Bob DuPuy, one of the nine members of the relocation committee, as saying that that committee plans to make a recommendation to MLB commissioner Bud Selig by the end of this week.

Now that is something new. Dare I say progress? If true, we might hear something this weekend on what the recommendation will be, if baseball's inability to keep anything secret holds true. Yes, Bud still has to sign off on it (assuming its DC) and it still needs approval of the Executive Committee and the rest of the owners...but...we may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, there is also that absurd RICO lawsuit by the disgruntled Canadian owners, but...I'm not sure there's a case there. I suppose we'll see.


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