Thursday, June 17, 2004

One trick Dick...

*gasp* What? You mean there wasn't any connection between Iraq and Al Queda? You mean...El Presidente and his administration have been *gasp* LYING? The horror! The shock! I don't know who to believe anymore...

Today's top story all over the papers, the net, the news, etc. is the latest denial, this time publicly by the 9/11 Commission, of any links WHATSOEVER, between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and OBL's Al Queda. It makes the lead story in the NYT, the Washington Post, CNN and even makes it into the Washington Times (though, predictably, they lead with more hysterics about gay marriage).

So...someone explain to me exactly why Dick Cheney keeps insisting on a connection? Many of these articles mention that Cheney has said the exact opposite as recently as Monday night, despite the administration even coming out and denying its own information/story several months ago and admitting there's no link.

Here is where the hypocracy of the right in America really gets to me. Not too many years ago, they wanted to impeach the President because of his lies about an extramarital affair. Okay. Why doesn't anyone on the right call for impeaching the President and Vice President for lying about the reasons for going to war? Why won't they apologize...why won't they just admit they were wrong? I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but...what is so bad about saying you made mistakes? When you just get down to it, I'm not convinced that they believe they actually made any. Its that kind of arrogance that annoys me the most about this administration. *growl*


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