Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Sopranos Finale

Okay...hands up if you thought the Sopranos finale was a letdown after the previous episode.

Sure...Tony killed Tony B. with a shotgun blast to the face. And there was the very amusing bit when the FBI raided Johnny Sack's place. However...up to that point, it felt a bit drawn out and perhaps...dare I say it...a little boring. Its no secret that while I like the show, there are other HBO series that I enjoy more ('Deadwood' and 'Six Feet Under' to be specific...particularly the latter). I still enjoy the series but somehow I think it has lost a few steps from the first two seasons. I wonder at times if the death of the actress who played Tony's mother had more of an impact on the show's themes and character than the creators would like to admit. It certainly seems like a much different show...and while it still beats just about anything on network TV, I'm still not willing to call it the best thing ever (or annoit it as the greatest TV show in history, as some critics like to do).


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