Friday, June 25, 2004

The Star Fraction

Okay - so I finished The Star Fraction last night, the first of Ken MacLeod's "Fall Revolution" series of books (but not, however, the first MacLeod I've read, nor the first Fall Revolution novel I've read). I liked it. Refreshing to read a leftwing future vision that is, in most ways, positive (something the Brits do much more frequently and better than most American scifi writers, who tend towards the opposite end of the political spectrum). Oh, don't get me wrong. The world of The Star Fraction is hardly a pleasant one, and the comments I think he's made about the pitfalls of both libertarianism and socialism are important to note (the former's tendency to unruly anarchy, the latter's tendancy towards authoritarianism). However, the world at the end is an interesting one and I'm looking forward to reading the next two novels in the series.

Of course, I've already read The Sky Road a year ago, which is the final book in the cycle. But, they're all stand-alone novels and they are only sorta-kinda related to one another - and The Sky Road is the least related (as far as I remember). Oh, its listed as "filling in important backstory," but I remember reading once upon a time that it was meant as an alternate version of the Fall Revolution that occurs in the first book and is a thing of the past in the second and third - and is therefore is only related to the others in general theme. I can't remember if it was or wasn't - I'll have to re-read it once I've finished the next two.


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