Friday, June 25, 2004

Worst...Vice President....Ever

True - I was not alive to witness the Spiro Agnew era(tm) - that was before my time on this great planet of ours. No, the Vice Presidents I've been alive for have been Rockefeller, Mondale, George H.W., Gore, and now Tricky Dick. I happen to know that most Vice Presidents are less than meaningless in the course of history - only if they become Presidents do they matter...or become notorious, like good ol' Spiro Agnew. And Tricky Dicky Cheney sure seems to be headed in that direction, doesn't he?

The question becomes - when exactly does he pass Agnew and become the worst Vice President in modern history? Does he actually have to resign in disgrace, or only be indicted? Does he have to make a complete ass of himself, ala Rockefeller and his middle-finger fiasco, or just a pseudo one? Come on, readers...I need your thoughts!


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