Friday, July 30, 2004

'America Can Do Better'

And so, John Kerry is now officially the Democratic Party's candidate for President of the United States as the Democratic National Convention comes to a close in Boston with a speech that brought down the house. Reviews have been generally very positive of last night's speech, from just about all corners of the political spectrum. I thought he did a pretty good job. Oh, perhaps his speech wasn't as moving as Barack Obama's...or as eloquent as the speech Edwards gave the night before...but the text was sound and the delivery was above average. I've certainly seen him give worse speeches and if it wasn't a barnburner, it was a solid 8 stars of 10, I thought. He pretty much nailed everything he needed to do, and when the speech was negative (or anti-Bush, anti-administration), a real doozy. Yes, Kerry stepped over a few applause lines and he doesn't have the natural gift of public speaking that Edwards or Clinton have, but...hey...people are so easy to forgive Bush for clumsy speech and that man is not half the intellect of Kerry.

So, the convention is over and we head into August. It'll take a few days to hear what the poll reactions were and whatnot, but I'd say Kerry can probably expect a 5-7 point bounce - about average these days. And now we can focus on the last three months of what has been (for me) the longest political campaign ever. When you consider that in some respects the 2000 campaign never has been a long haul, indeed. I would not discount the new theories that Kerry may unseat Bush because of the electorate's desire for a return to normalcy and ease - I can understand that. Love him or hate him, the Clinton years were easier in so many ways.

Anyhoo...Friday at work and I'm already making time...waiting for the weekend. Sadly, I have too much to get done today that I won't be able to totally slack off. And, of course, tomorrow is the house party. And next weekend is the trip to San Antonio. I need a vacation already...


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