Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Death to Handheld Devices

Have I mentioned how much I dislike them? JK is right - these things always end up in the hands of the worst possible users...the ones who are least able to cope with the unreliability of cellular handhelds, and their different ways of doing things, etc. They're all the neediest, whiniest, workaholics who feel that they absolutely have to be connected to the internet, their e-mail and 'the world' at all times. Yes, I suppose this is how people go about being 'go-getters' and 'men of action,' progressing in life to the highest station. But at what cost?

Speaking of costs...looks like the GOP has managed to shoot itself in the foot on the gay marriage ammendment. There are multiple reports today that a split in the GOP between hardline religious conservatives, who favor a 'single line' approach and more moderate GOP folks who favor an additional line that would allow states to still do civil union legislation. Apparently (according to AP, NYT, the Post, etc. the whole thing is going to collapse today on a procedural vote (of all things) to close debate. It also seems clear that even if it had come to a full-on vote for adoption, it would not only fail to obtain the 67 votes needed to pass, but also come very close to being defeated outright (under 50 votes). The whole thing is a sham - a party playing petty politics when they know that no such ammendment is ever going to pass unless things dramatically change in both the Senate and the country as a whole. I mean...writing bigotry into the Constitution is bad enough. Creating second-class citizenship is bad enough. But perpetrating a scam on the American people all in the name of party politics is just disgusting, particularly when there are serious issues that are getting ignored in favor of this meaningless farce. If I was a moderate Republican, I'd feel ashamed by my party. But, then again...moderate Republicans barely exist anymore...


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