Thursday, July 22, 2004

The greatest writer you've probably never heard of...

Salon has an interview online today with Alan Moore, perhaps the best writer/author that only the truly dedicated have ever heard of. This is because he plies his trade in comics and graphic novels, which are only lately getting more and more attention. If you've always thought that comics are all about superheroes in tights and lame storylines about good and evil in black and white, you haven't ready Moore. I remember reading "Watchmen" when it originally came out, when I was totally into comics (I was a pretty typical audience for comics - a lonely, friendless, teenage male. The only thing that kept me from getting serious into collecting and whatnot was the lack of family resources for buying comics and the lack of a reliable source in Topeka.) and being totally floored by it.

Anyway, Moore has some interesting things to say in the Salon interview, including some jucy lines about El Presidente, Arnold, the Gipper, fascism, etc. I particularly liked this:
The thing with writing stories about the rise of fascism - if you wait long enough, you'll be proved right.


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