Thursday, July 22, 2004

It had to happen someday

There is an article online from which describes Europe as the first "metrosexual" superpower. I wish I was making this up.
Geopolitics is much the same. American neoconservatives such as Robert Kagan look down upon feminine, Venus-like Europeans, gibing their narcissistic obsession with building a postmodern, bureaucratic paradise. The United States, by contrast, supposedly carries the mantle of masculine Mars, boldly imposing freedom in the world's nastiest neighborhoods. But by cleverly deploying both its hard power and its sensitive side, the European Union (EU) has become more effective—and more attractive—than the United States on the catwalk of diplomatic clout. Meet the real New Europe: the world's first metrosexual superpower.
Now, I have nothing against fads. I'm prone to them myself. But, I'm hard pressed to think of a fad I dislike more than the whole 'metrosexual' thing. It isn't even the 'style' - its the pushing of the word into every other realm of human consciousness. Its like the 'Ad Wizards' who rule our planet have decreed from upon high that we are all to use this word and no others. I hear it all the time now. Even 'heroin chic' wasn't as pervasive as metrosexual has become. Ugh.

I mean...a 'metrosexual' superpower? Stop the insanity!


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