Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Jesco White Update

Thanks to RB, we have an update on the doings of the 'dancing outlaw,' Jesco White. For those who might be uninitiated, Jesco is a country "dancer" who was the subject of a documentary film in a series about Appalachia a few years ago. He's an 'outlaw' because he went to prison for his role in some shennanigans involving a shooting at his place. He's an Elvis impersonator (a horrible one) and 'rural philosopher' and the documentary is absolutely hilarious.

That said, he seems to be coming to a sad end as he realizes that his fame had more to do with people laughing at him than actually enjoying his dancing/singing. According to Jesco, he feels "like a damn possum." Whatever that means...any guesses out there? How does that feel compared to...say...a muskrat? Or a beaver? Or perhaps a spotted toad?


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would venture that possum is one of the things one cannonically finds squashed to death by the side of the road. Skunk or groundhog either wouldn't have the right connotation, or would have no connotation. Though apparently, possum has little connotation either, since I'm just guessing.


At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure it does. The possum is the animal that has developed this neat survival skill: when it can't run away from a predator, it keels over and pretends to be dead. The predator can sniff or poke the possum all he wants, but it won't come "back" to "life" again until the predator leaves the scene. (Although personally I don't understand how this trick works. Maybe even the predators are smart enough not to eat something that's been dead for a while?) Then it was discovered that some marine life used this defense too. But it's still known as "playing possum".

What's it got to do with the news article? Beats me. Maybe there's a difference between a regular possum and a damned possum.



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