Friday, July 23, 2004

Killing time

At first, I was going to use the above title as a way of describing what I'm doing with my afternoon (ie, clockwatching...waiting for the end of the day), but now that I think about it...its more appropriate to talk about Donnie Darko.

I was one of the very few who went and saw this wonderful little movie back in the fall of 2001. It was right after September 11th and it isn't much of a wonder that it tanked. It is a dark film that features an air accident as part of its plot and even though it was filmed long before the terrorist attacks, that didn't stop people from staying away. just isn't the kind of movie that people go ape over...unless they see it. I'm firmly convinced that this is one of those movies that just about everybody loves once they actually see it. I've been a bit obsessed with "converting" people over to it - I must have loaned out my DVD at least a dozen times. It combines time travel, alternate universes, teenage angst, the 1980s, and is just plain creepy.

What would you do if you not only knew that the world was ending, but that you had the power to go back and stop it? This is one of the fundamental questions that Donnie Darko explores. And it does it in a very original way, managing to explore all kinds of philosophical issues involved with time travel and whatnot, yet not getting into bizarro world trying to explain how everything happens. That stuff isn't important...not really...

Anyway...this weekend sees the re-release of the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko, back in theatres after developing a cult following on DVD and in midnight showings (which one of the local theatres here in DC has been instrumental in the start of). It opens in NY and LA today and I'm hoping to see it back here in DC sometime in the next couple of weeks - I'm trying to organize a group of people who have/haven't seen it to go and see it.

Anyway...if you've seen it, go and spend some quality time on the website, which is just as complex as the movie is. Or...go and head over to Salon's Donnie Darko article today, which does an excellent job of putting together a 'guide' to the movie and its depths. Enjoy.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger Banjax said...

As a quickie aside, I need to write something on time travel one of these days. I've always been fascinated by the subject - as some people know - and it would be interesting to try and get that written down. One of these days...


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