Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday Blues

Hard to get up and get going this morning - the usual 'back to work' stuff on Monday morning, but its so gray and cool here in Washington that I just find it difficult to get motivated. Plus, the morning started out with bad news in our dept., when management informed us that SH's baby had passed away on Friday. It is sad, though not entirely unexpected. He had been born after only being carried for half of the normal term, and had been in the hospital for all five months since he was born with all kinds of problems. I feel sad for SH and her husband for their loss, and its a big downer...but at least he isn't suffering anymore. He fought for a long time - he just couldn't make it over the hurdle.

Anyway...the show must go on.

Last night's Six Feet Under was a definite improvement over the prior week's oddity. The whole 'David gets abducted/assaulted' plotline the other week was totally out of leftfield and didn't sit well with me and while they were still dealing with aftermath issues this week, there seemed to be better plot movement last night. I still don't exactly know what the point of some of these episodes has been. Unlike Dead Like Me, which returned for its second season last night and seems to have started off in full stride...having found its voice towards the end of the previous season. Nice to have that back - I'd missed it.

KA has given me a copy of Hank Williams III's CD. Outstanding - sounds like his grandad, not his father. And there is a cover of a Sprinsteen song! Awesome.


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