Monday, July 12, 2004

Monday Morning Lowdown

Something odd is going on here at work. Can't put my finger on it, but there are a lot of secretive meetings up here and whispered conversations. And all of a sudden, RF is having all kinds of meetings with higher ups and today I had a meeting where responsibility for alot of what I would call "procedural meetings" on specific projects was handed off to The Wanker. I wonder if something is going on with RF - its similar to what I saw before when there have been various freak outs here. Who knows - I try to keep my nose out of office politics and gossip (though its sometimes hard to avoid).

Spotted around the internet over the weekend/today...

Today's Post leads with a headline about revelations regarding Tom DeLay's fundraising ties to Texas redistricting proponents and some extremely disquieting and troublesome news about corporate ties to the redistricting effort, specifically with Kenyboy Lay and Enron. Specifically that:
DeLay has not been named as a target of the investigation. The prosecutor has said he is focused on the activities of political action committees linked to DeLay and the redistricting effort. But officials in the prosecutor's office say anyone involved in raising, collecting or spending the corporate money, who also knew of its intended use in Texas elections, is vulnerable.

Documents unearthed in the probe make clear that DeLay was central to creating and overseeing the fundraising. What the prosecutors are still assessing is who knew about the day-to-day operations of TRMPAC and how its money was used to benefit Texas House candidates.

If this isn't illegal (and it may be a violation of several differnt laws), it is certainly slimy and of questionable ethics. Not that this necessarily surprises me; DeLay is probably the biggest scumbag in all of Congress (which is saying something, if you think about it). Would be nice if there was a chance in Hell of getting rid of him come November, but...maybe if they lose control of the House, there would be some recriminations against him. A longshot, yes...but I can dream.

Also news over the weekend that we appear to be headed towards a Senate vote this week on the Gay Marriage Ammendment, one of the more dispicable pieces of GOP garbage to come out of Congress since we had all that flag burning ammendment nonsense way back when. To me, this is even worse...going on record and ammending the constitution to create virtual second-class citizenship for a group of people who actually "defends marriage" better than straight people do (check out the divorce/seperation rate - it is much higher for hetero couples). Nevertheless, the GOP appears to be headed towards a clear defeat but in a purely political move, they want to get Senators names on record as having supported or opposed it, so they can run on it as an issue. Its rather crass and disgusting, if you ask me. Bigoted, too.


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