Thursday, July 29, 2004

Night Three at the Convention

Hyperbusy at work today, so I'll keep my remarks about last night's action brief. I thought Edwards was very good - I've heard/read his main stump speech before so there wasn't a heck of a lot that was really new (though he had some differences here and there that made it unique) but I think it will play well to home viewers. You can definitely see that he doesn't have a problem talking to people at their level without seeming patronizing.

Sharpton was outrageous, as usual. The man is corrupt and a total scoundrel - totally unqualified IMO to be President. But that doesn't mean that he isn't a great speaker and that what he's saying isn't worthwhile. He's always been kind of cartoonish in my mind, Maureen Dowd...a cartoonish figure can still be funny. You just shouldn't take him too seriously.

Tonight is Kerry's big night. His big chance to introduce himself to average Americans at home. It isn't a make or break moment in the campaign, but it is very important. Would be nice to get a good bounce out of this week. Personally, I'm hoping for maybe 5-7 points but I just don't know if there are that many undecideds left. *shrug*


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