Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Not the only one with an odd feeling

LS says he has the same odd feeling around the office lately as well - then again, it could be mutual paranoia. I'm going to pretend everything is fine. Is that alright?

Slate has an outrageously funny "hate-letter" from one of its writers, addressed to Roger Clemens. I can't stand him either. Almost no one I know likes him - even Yanquis fans never really 'liked' him while he was there, and Blue Jays fans feel almost as jilted as Sox fans. He's really quite a jerk. Shame for people with so much talent (Bonds, Clemens, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, etc.) to be such dirtbag jerks IRL. Talk about not being appreciative of what you get to do...for Christ's sake...you get payed ridiculous salaries to play a game.

Still no definitive word on the Expos move, but today's Baltimore Sun reports that Bob DuPuy has said they hope to announce a decision by the owner's meetings next month in Philly. From what I've read elsewhere, it appears to be down to No. Virgina and DC. I think (from the posts below) my feelings on this subject are clear. Just difficult to be patient - especially with the impending hockey meltdown.

Received another piece of spamish e-mail from VP the other day - he still has no idea that I'm a left-wing borderline socialist who can't stand El Presidente and most of the GOP, didn't really care when Reagan died last month, has a Kerry sticker on his car, and believes his boss in the Senate is perhaps one of the most evil of them all. Odd how that sort of thing has really never come up - VP's politics are obnoxious, so I choose to ignore them. His hockey intelligence is what I value.


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