Thursday, July 22, 2004

The stupidest species on the planet

This probably should become a regular feature of this blog. There are just too many stupid humans to cover them all. But in this edition, we need to make special motion of a bit of local idiocy...

Picture if you will the following scenario: Local concern discovers that parking attendants are taking money from the till - to the tune of close to a million dollars overall. So, they decide to save money and get rid of the parking attendants, forcing all users to purchase smartcards if they don't already have them. Then they also put automated sales machines in several locations, so that you don't have to send in for a card, or stand in a long line...but also make them present for idiot tourists who don't know any better. But...then you discover that you don't have enough cards to meet demand and are forced to suspend all sales for at least six weeks and bring in temps to work the parking lots and accept exact cards.

The level of idiocy involved in this defies all common sense, logic, etc. Beauracracy at work for you. I'm sure someone would point out that this is what you get with socialism...but I guess that my response is: This is what you get when you have idiots. Capitalist idiots, socialist idiots...they're still idiots.


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