Monday, July 26, 2004


There is a FANTASTIC piece over on written by Rob Friend for ESPN the Magazine on Peter Angelos' hypocracy regarding Washington baseball and its impact on Baltimore. Friend argues, quite well, that Baltimore owes quite a bit to DC as far as sports goes - that it isn't that great of a sports town and that Washington doesn't deserve to be treated as a second-class city to Baltimore when Angelos' own incompetence is what has hurt the Orioles. Threats to sue are so petty, when the Senators didn't begrudge the movement of the St. Louis Browns to Baltimore, and neither did the Redskins when the Cleveland Browns moved. Angelos doesn't seem to get that the Expos would be in the f*ing NATIONAL League, not the American. That Washington struggled as a franchise because it had lousy ownership and worse teams.

That isn't to say that there is not a risk, know...I've believed for a long time that Angelos has had it too easy with his team. He's been able to count on sellouts at Camden because of the beautiful ballpark and Cal Ripkin, when his team got worse and worse. The product the Orioles put out on the field these days stinks, and I am happy to say that I have not considered myself as an Orioles fan for a number of years now - my own form of protest against a shoddy ownership putting out a terrible product while preventing thirsty fans from getting their own team down here in DC. Granted - this probably makes me biased. And I'm rather against the Northern Virginia plan for the Expos, mostly because I hate the site out in Dulles - way too far away to be a "Washington" team.

We're now three and a half weeks away from the ownership meetings in Philly. I don't see why this needs to take so long. I hate the idea of paying money to Angelos when we didn't require it of the Orioles when they moved into the area, but...if that's what it takes...let's find out how much it'll be and get this over with. And I'll go out and buy an Expos cap. And I'll sign up for tickets. My guess is that there will be a LOT of other Washingtonians who will do the same.


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