Tuesday, August 31, 2004

"Bulldozing his way to the throne room"

Outstanding. William Gildea has a virulently anti-Angelos column in today's Washington Post, ranking him up there with Irsay, Walter O'Malley, Art Modell, Calvin Grifitth, Al Davis, etc. as one of the worst owners in sports. Some of the gems:
Most of the occupants in this Hall of Infamy have earned a place by skipping town with their team. Angelos is different; he is trying to stop a team from moving. In Angelos's mind, there is no room for major league baseball in the nation's capital or even Northern Virginia; he says both are too close to Baltimore and his Orioles, and he seems to wield an awful lot of power among his colleagues and the owners' commissioner, Bud "Light" Selig. Angelos especially covets the fans of D.C.'s Maryland suburbs. No one has been quite so serious about annexing this territory since the British showed up at Bladensburg.
Nothing quite like bringing up the War of 1812 and the burning of Washington...
To put baseball back where it belongs would mean that the owners and Bud "Light" would have to sit down with Angelos and get him to play ball. For baseball's cartel of owners, this simply may be anathema to their way of doing business. Imagine them trying to suggest to Angelos the notion of competition as something good for his franchise.
Something I've said all along...that competition for the Orioles would be good...would encouage better management of a team that has become rather sad in recent years - raking in tons of cash while not even trying to put a good product on the field (how's about, for starters, letting Mussina go for nothing?). He's secure...he doesn't have any competition for his fans and they're gonna keep going because that's all they have.

I just wish MLB would wake up to the whole thing, but asking that bunch of thieves to do an honorable thing is far beyond wishful thinking. There are thousands of loyal baseball fans here in DC...waiting to be plucked up. My loyalty is available. Yes...I grew up a Royals fan and there will always be a place for them in my heart. And I love rooting for the Red Sox. And teams like the A's are fun because they win despite everything MLB throws at them. But I want a local team...a team I can live and die with... *sigh*


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