Friday, August 20, 2004

Bush, Kerry, and the Vets

A couple of people have asked me why I've remained silent on the whole issue of the "Swift boat vets" ad, Kerry's response, and the total cowardice of the Bush campaign's refusal to disavow them. I've paid a great deal of attention to this whole ordeal, but the facts appear to be pretty much settled now. Today's NYT has just about the best article on the subject, pointing out not only that the allegations are all pretty much lies by people who did not "serve with" Kerry and have axes to grind, but are funded by people with direct links to the Bush campaign and Karl Rove, El Presidente's puppetmaster.

The facts of Senator Kerry's war record are well established and confirmed from multiple sources. Moreover, the facts of the funders of this smear campaign and their ties to King Karl and the GOP slime machine are documented as well. El Presidente's refusal to disavow the ads, unlike Senator Kerry's disavowal of's anti-Bush ads, is an act of gross cowardice and makes me dislike him even more (something I keep thinking isn't possible). Allowing your friends to smear your opponent while you stand back and deny any involvement but refuse to ask them to cease is dispicable behavior, Mr. President - you should be ashamed of yourself and your staff. You should publicly apologize to Mr. Kerry for this group's actions as well as publicly repudiate the lies of these men. Not that I expect you to do so, of course - you have shown a clear willingness to stand back and let the GOP slime machine smear anyone who opposes you, and you have shown an incredible talent at saying one thing while doing another.

I can't wait for November 3rd, when you can place an order for a U-Haul to take your stuff back to Texas.

That's what I think.


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