Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Don't know whether to laugh or cry

Well...that was a short campaign. Appears that the Kansas Democrat who won the right to run against Sam Brownback in the general election, despite not campaigning for the position and his opponent's big campaign, dropped out late last week. He gave no reason except being "tired." Well that's nice. What exactly tired you out? Sitting on your rear end at home and watching TV, or was it the long naps in the afternoons?

*sigh* Kansas is such a joke. Now the Dems have to pick a new candidate but can't make it official until the primary is ratified at the end of the month. That's a whole month where Sam Brownback can all but sow up the race. Kansans: Don't you realize how terrible Sam Brownback is? I challenge you...look up his record. He's anti-choice, in favor of writing bigotry into the Constitution, against protecting the environment, against small farmers, pro-corporate and has not been sufficiently critical of the Bush administration's actions in Iraq (he's been hawkish and defends the neocon line, of whom he's a member). He's also a member of the ultra-conservative and ultra-secret right-wing religious organization known alternately as "The Fellowship" and "The Foundation," living at a townhouse in Washington paid for by them (if you've never heard of them, the article linked to above, called "Jesus Plus Nothing" from Harper's magazine last year is a must-read - one of the most disturbing things I've learned of in years. How he's managed to stay in office in a state that had a history of moderate Republicans when he's so out of touch with mainstream people in the state just boggles the mind.


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