Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Electoral Math

Lest we forget 2000, we (and by we, I mean you and me...Joe and Jane Voter) don't elect the President. We elect a slate of electors per our state constitutions, who are the actual ones that cast the votes for President and Vice President. That's right...its one of the worst vestiges of the 18th Century...the Electoral College! Oh, I'm well aware of all the arguments in favor of its continuation, and I've had the debate with JH on more than one occaision when we've had a few too many over at Cap Cities, but...honestly...the arguments in favor of its continuation can all be turned against it and there is no good way to argue against its abolition and still be in favor of American "democracy." It is a tired system that was designed to perpetuate the power of the early-American wealthy white business-farmer class, designed by people who were paranoid (for good reasons at the time, perhaps) of the power of the masses. It is undemocratic in its very nature and can have the horrible effect (as it did in 2000 for the second time) of "electing" someone who was not the choice of even a plurality of Americans (to say nothing of a majority).

Anyway...we can look at all the horse race polls and they provide an interesting portait of America as a whole, but...the numbers that make up the projected Electoral College vote are where the race is magnified. All this serves as prelude to this site, an interesting little thing I came across a few days ago. It monitors various state horse-race polls and then tabulates each state into one of seven catagories and shows the results to you. Right now, it has Kerry projected to win (assuming all polls are accurate, etc.) by a considerable margin. Will be interesting to track how this thing goes and its accuracy towards the end...


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