Monday, August 02, 2004

Here we go again...

Unless you weren't paying attention yesterday, Homeland Security has once again raised the threat level here in Washington to "Elevated" or "Orange" because of some unspecified intelligence pointing to a possible attack against financial targets here or in NYC. Not that this is anything new - the threat level has been raised a number of times over the last three years and there has been no attack. While I question the timing of the alert (coming so soon after the Democratic National Convention), I'm sure it is legit, though since I haven't seen the actual intel, who knows?

What does seem clear is that the administration seems to have a vested interest in keeping us all afraid and paranoid that an attack is coming at any time. Anything to keep the attention of the public off of El Presidente's miserable record on just about everything else. Part of me wishes I wasn't quite so cynical on this front - it would be nice if I didn't suspect terror alerts as frauds since they're probably legit, if not really imminent. Who knows...

A good weekend. Everyone seems to have had a good time at the house party on Saturday night and cleanup on Sunday wasn't bad. SG, GL, JE and myself all spent most of yesterday asleep and/or recovering from the night before. Personally, I'm still exhausted from the whole thing. But, it was fun. Today it's back to work and the weekly grind, though this week shouldn't be too bad since I'm headed to San Antonio on Thursday night.


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