Thursday, August 26, 2004

Is that where champagne comes from?

Props to KT, who said I probably "needed a laugh" (she was right) after reading yesterday's posts and forwarded this week's Savage Love column. I like Savage, but the funniest stuff is always the submissions and questions from the readers. This week's column is devoted entirely to male readers and their misconceptions about sex when they were children. My personal fav?
A long time ago, I knew two things about jerking off: It involved "jerking" something, and it "felt good." Alas, if only I had known what needed to be jerked. One day, determined that I should no longer miss out on this marvelous "jerking off" I kept hearing about, I made a guess, grabbed a hold of my testicles, and gave them a good, solid "jerk" straight downward. I felt something, but it wasn't good.

Next week, girls misconceptions.


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