Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Is Topeka fudging its crime statistics?

Topeka police are claiming a historic drop in the city's crime rate, which five years ago, was the nation's fifth highest, according to the FBI, and only three years ago was ranked 8th (still ahead of New York, Oakland, Detroit, Baltimore, etc.). However, there seems to be some question as to whether or not the city is playing with the numbers a bit. The Capital-Journal's series on the subject seems to take both sides, which isn't all that atypical of a horrible newspaper that has been less than journalistically balanced over the years. Indeed...today's story seems to simultaneously say that the police department and mayor are 'full of it' while lauding them for dropping crime. Make up your minds, guys!

Personally, I find it disgusting that the city simply doesn't report crimes that happen at Washburn Univ. and in USD 501 schools. Hate to break this to you, folks...but those places are within the city limits. And property theft is property theft. I know you want to improve the city's image, but...is the best way really to essentially lie about the crime rate?


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