Sunday, August 29, 2004

Quickie note about "the rejection"

Thanks for the kind words some have offered. I'm doing fine - in fact, I have a pretty good outlook on the whole thing and wasn't down for more than a day or so. Back on the horse. For those that have been curious, the line used was: "I just want to work on myself right now." And that line followed a visual cringe (which I'm told by my female friends is simply bad form).

Yes, if she can't see what she's missing out on, she's crazy stupid. Moreover, any woman who cringes at being asked out isn't worth my time and effort. Besides...if she's going to cringe now...after I've lost f*cking 60+ lbs....let's face it...oxygen thief. its back to the drawing board. I think that this time, however, the slow and easier approach might be the best.


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