Wednesday, August 11, 2004

So ashamed...

And I call myself an Alan Furst fan. How exactly did it manage to escape my notice that Alan Furst has released a new novel, Dark Voyage, not this week...but last week? Furst is one of only a handful of writers whom I've actually read all of his books that are in print. Except one, apparently.

Janet Maslin gave it a glowing review in the NYT last Monday. Missed that. It was given a very positive review on Fresh Air (one of the early champions of Furst's work - Terry Gross' interview with him years ago was one of the big reasons I tried out one of his novels) on Monday afternoon. Missed that one, too. No - the only reason I encountered it at all was this morning's e-mail from Politics & Prose, which informed me that it was #2 on their bestseller list.

I flunk "Favorite Authors 101," apparently.


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