Monday, August 23, 2004

Swifties and Bushies

Well - now that I've completed my rambling essay on obsession, we can get back to business, or what passes for it in America. Not that what's currently passing for political debate in America is very important, or even more interesting than discussing obsession (indeed - I'd probably argue that debating that subject is much more interesting than talking about what passes for our current politics).

Let's be honest, folks - John Kerry's actions in Vietnam aren't the issue here. What's at issue is that El Presidente looses on the real issues on just about all topics now. And faced with the distinct prospect that he's heading towards a single term (just like daddy), Karl Rove and the GOP puppetmasters have decided that the only way to get a chance in hell of winning is to smear. Distract the American public's attention from everything that really matters in this election - all the reasons why we need to get rid of George Bush and Co. Notice that he now isn't condeming these fringe vets and their ads...he's calling for Kerry to condem ALL third party ads, suggesting that the ads themselves are "bad for the system," not that what is being said in the ads is untrue.

You know - there's an important difference between's advertisements and the swift boat group's...namely, that doesn't say anything that is an out and out lie.

The whole thing makes me angry - a total attempt to distract the American public from the reality in which they live...the reality of our place in the world and at home. I can only hope the American people are smarter than that.


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