Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Thanks for nothing, Bozo

This is rich. Apparently the Topeka business community, represented by the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce (Greater Topeka? What in the world is 'Greater Topeka?' Last I checked, the city had gobbled up all of the suburbs like Shawnee Heights and Lake Sherwood...besides...we're not talking about a massive metropolitan area here. It's frelling TOPEKA, for heaven's sake!), yesterday gave a public 'thank you' to Representative Jim Ryun (more on him in a bit) for helping bring all the new federal money he's brought to the city. This despite the fact that Ryun voted AGAINST the bill that authorized the biggest of the items, the rebuilding of the Topeka Boulevard Bridge.

Of course, the C-J, being such a bastion of journalistic integrity, manages to bury this fact several paragraphs in, and even then calling it "partisan" in nature. They don't actually criticize Ryun themselves, of course, they let the Democrats do it...halfway down the article:
Ryun voted against a bill in December 2003 that added $8.5 million in funding for the bridge and nearly $24 million for the 2nd District as a whole. And the same day the bill passed, Ryun issued a news release touting the funding for the second district but not mentioning that he actually voted against the final version of the bill.
Of course, Ryun's campaign says that he lobbied to get the money in, but voted against the bill in an effort to curb federal spending. Sorry, Congressman, but you can't have it both ways. You can't lobby for additional money in a bill, which is earmarked specifically for your district, then vote against it by saying that its too large. Perhaps its too large because you helped make it that way.

I have never been a fan of Jim Ryun and his 'holier than thou' religious moralism and kneejerk conservatism, not to mention being one of the least intelligent members of the House. This guy makes Bush and Quayle look like frelling geniuses. Thank goodness the Dems have finally found a candidate with a pulse in Nancy Boyda, who's already running ads on Kansas television against Ryun, bringing his terrible record into sharp relief. Have to urge any of you with any spare pocket change to donate a dollar or two that you can spare to help her out - I have.


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