Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Watchlist Trevin

Well...apparently, I have somehow managed to get red flagged in the TSA system, since I got herded into the special security check section when I flew from Baltimore last week. Afterwards, I was told to examine my ticket for a row of S's on it, which is the indicator to TSA staff that you've been flagged for special examination and sure enough, they were there. Oh, joy! Apparently, I'm now "with the terrorists." ;)

Texas was nice - the Taco Cabana itch has finally been scratched. The drive back to DC was long. Really long. Really, really long. But its over and done with now. San Antonio itself was an interesting place to visit. In some ways, the city was exactly the same as it was when I was last there (May 1996 - a month after I graduated from Trinity). Portions of San Pedro and other areas look the same as ever. Trinity's campus has changed a bit - the new Northrup Hall is enormous, however I don't think its the eyesore some do - but in many ways...it looks the same as it did in 96 when I graduated. And yet, other parts of town are radically different. The development over near the old quarry site is impressive. In just eight years, an entire area of town has sprung up that didn't exist before. I'm not certain I like it - basically, it looks like much of suburban Maryland and VA. Strip malls, chain restaurants, garden-style apartments. It looks better from the road - it used to just be the quarry and a golf course. But its hard for me to look at strip malls as a positive development I guess.

Well...105 e-mails waiting for me on arrival this morning. So I should do some actual work. More later.


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