Friday, September 03, 2004

Bored Beyond Belief

Nobody is here in the building today. I just spent the last half hour wandering the floors and the only time I've ever seen it this dead was when I worked the day after Thanksgiving a couple of times - when there were under 20 people in the building. There are more than that here today - but that's now. Come 2 or 3pm, this place will empty out and turn into a graveyard of empty offices and cubes.

So why am I here? Who knows. It's such a beautiful day outside today, feels like a shame to be spending it inside. Moreover, since none of my managers are here I'm not exactly motivated to get everything done. Oh, I'm doing work...just little stuff that I can do from my desk. And blog entries. And e-mails to people who probably won't write back.

Wow! I really am in a foul mood. Good thing I get a three-day weekend.


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