Monday, September 20, 2004

Bringing back the Senators (latest)

Sitting here at home tonight watching MNF and I realized that I never had a chance to post any thoughts on the latest in the Expos move saga and my thoughts. I'll spare you all the links, since you can find them on your own if you're really interested (and I doubt you are - most people who read this blog not only are heathens who don't like baseball, but heathens who don't support baseball in Washington), but...apparently last week's disaster for baseball supporters in the city council races that were seriously contested has apparently forced MLB's hand. Instead of dragging this thing out into November and letting things linger and stagnate, they've put negotiations with the District into high gear. Last week, they met with NVa for a few hours one day...and with DC officials for nearly 12. Read what you will into that, but according to reports in the Post and elsewhere, MLB has pretty much made up its mind. Moreover, Buddy Boy has called an unscheduled meeting of the ownership executive committee for the first part of this week and it is rumored that the relocation of the Montreal franchise is the subject at hand. theory, we could finally see the end of this bizarre relocation process. Yes, there are dozens of hurdles left, but...I'm starting to think its a done deal and I'll have baseball here in Washington soon. And I don't care what anyone will be great for the district, for the region, and for baseball. And that will be my last word on the subject until there's something more definite. Promise. Or not. :)


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