Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Everybody point and laugh, children

Final score - Cleveland Indians: 22
New York Yankees: 0

That's right, kids...22-0. Worst loss in Yankees history going simply by the numbers. And making matters worse, Boston beat Anaheim last night, their 21st victory in the month of August, and cutting the Yanquis lead down to 3.5 with a month (and six head-to-head games) left to go in the season. All of a sudden, there are nothing but question marks surrounding New York: Can the starting pitching hold up? Is Sheffield badly hurt? Do they have any real clutch hitting anymore? Is the defense solid? Can the bullpen really hold a lead and get the ball to Mariano Rivera? Can Kevin Brown and Mike Mussina find their games in time to stop the bleeding?

The AL playoff race is shaping up to be one of the more interesting ones in years. Just a few weeks ago, the race was really just for the Wild Card and the AL West crown, and all four teams involved (chasing two spots), Boston, Oakland, Anaheim, and Texas kept winning - which is why nobody could pull away. Minnesota has pretty much put a lock on the Central but the story has been the collapse of New York, which has allowed Boston (playing hot right now) to make up seven games in only two weeks and change. Now Boston has a shot at the division title, something that at the beginning of August looked unattainable, and the Yankees have to worry about slipping into an ugly wild card race.

And don't look now, but Houston - who at the midpoint of the season fired their manager and looked to have almost zero shot at salvaging their season - is on fire in the National League. They have no shot at catching the Cardinals, who not only lead the Central by a mile, but have a ten game advantage over every other team in baseball right now, but...they're only 3.5 back in the wild card race for the NL, and if they can hold it together, have a shot at the playoffs themselves (particularly now that the Phillies have gone into a full meltdown this summer).

Should make for a very interesting last month of the season.

Note to heathens: Someone (*cough*) complained that they don't read this blog for baseball articles. My response is: tough. Get your own blog. Anyone that doesn't understand that baseball is the greatest game in the world is simply deluding themselves. Now, sing along with me:

"Its my blog and I'll write what I want to...write what I want to...write what I want to...." ;)


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