Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday morning thoughts

Well, it's Friday again...I'm sitting in my office reading e-mails and listening to Madeline Peyroux's beautiful new album. I've been out of the office sick for the last two days, so today is a whole lot of playing catch-up (yikes! 130+ e-mails to sort through...only a half dozen of them spam) and getting things out of the way. I've fallen behind on some projects but the priority this morning is ordering - one of the offices here seems to have found money in the budget ("found" it? where was it, hidden in the couch cushions???) and so the annual spending spree begins early.

So much to catch-up on in regards to stuff out in the big, beautiful net...but I should start by saying that it appears I'm a week or so away from seeing MLB award the Expos (at least temporarily) to Washington (pending stadium financing deal, etc.). Plenty of articles out there citing numerous "anonymous" sources within baseball that the whole thing is more or less a done deal. According to today's Post as well as's article today, Angelos doesn't want to give in...but the tide is flowing away from him and MLB appears determined to solidify the deal by the end of next week. The District's newest bid, including its proposed $400 million stadium proposal on the banks of the Anacostia River has apparently blown away the competition and left Angelos with no options, what with MLB basically in support of the move. I know everyone is scared of him suing, but the fact is that such a case would be a longshot and destroy any goodwill he has left in Washington (assuming it isn't all gone already). Heck...the Anacostia waterfront deal seems to even have made less of a skeptic out of KT (who forwarded me the site on the proposal above)....what's next, pigs flying?

I can almost taste the close. Now we need to start bartering with the Rangers for the Senators name rights. ;)


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