Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Here he comes, here comes Speedracer!

Donde esta el MR-Dos? El MR-Dos es no aqui!

GL (one of my roommates) came home last night during MNF with a new car, which he purchased yesterday. A silver STI from Subaru. Not only does it look and sound like a race car from the outside, it looks like a race car inside as well. I have no doubt that I will be taking my life into my hands whenenver I ride with him in it. ;) (only kidding GL). Plus, with no MR-Dos with a different colored door to make fun of, GL and JE will now, undoubtedly, begin to focus their attentions on the Corolla parked outside that has no hubcaps (ie, my car).

So...now I have one roommate who has a car that will land him in jail, while the other has bought a car that will land him in the morgue!!


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