Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hours away...

I'll celebrate when it is official. The paperwork needs to be signed (today), the city council has to vote (more or less a formality, though stranger things have been known to happen), the team needs to be officially sold to a buyer, and (of course) the legal issues regarding the RICO suit need to be resolved.


Word from AP, ESPN, the Post, the Times, etc....all say that the announcement on the return of baseball to Washington (after 33 years) is going to be made this afternoon. That said...last night I paid a visit to the DC baseball group's website, and I'm not afraid to admit it...I put myself on the list of people interested in tickets. I'd have been a bit of a hypocrit if I didn't. long last, I can start focusing on the actual team itself (perhaps) and not on MLB's ridiculously drawn-out process of negotiations.


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