Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Just shut-up

There are many reasons I don't particularly care for the Yanquis. For starters, rooting for the Yanquis is a bit like rooting for the IRS, or big oil, or GE/Ford/Microsoft etc. - unsavory rooting for the rich to get richer. There's no challenge rooting for the Yanquis - there's no doubt that year in, year out...they'll be there come playoff time (they'll spend the money to make sure that happens). Yanquis fans are arrogant and spoiled (and fairweather...I remember the late 80's and early 90's when Yankee Stadium was half-full), many of them having never tasted the bitterness of failure (sure - they don't win every championship...but they play for them and they've won quite a few). Steinbrenner is a jerk. Big media loves a New York championship run (it spells advertising dollars), so that's reason to root against them right there. And they take advantage of a system that leaves the little guy in MLB (small market teams) at a distinct disadvantage.

Well...yesterday, I got to add another reason to the list. Crybabies. Yes - Tampa didn't show up for game one of its scheduled double-header. And yes, they probably could have flown out on Friday. But can you blame them for wanting to stay with their families through the hurricane? And do you really need to try and cheat yourself to a win via forfeit, when you knew that the league wouldn't grant it? It only makes you look arrogant as a franchise. Now you don't want to have to play the game unless you actually need it in the standings (and after the regular season), rather than schedule the make-up somewhere on an off day. Boo f*ing hoo. I'm sorry, but you won't find much sympathy out there for the Yanquis on this whole thing.

Despite all that, both they and Boston won last night, so the lead is still 2.5 - but they can't slack up with Boston playing the way it does. I went to bed before the Red Sox - A's was over. I like the A's - always have. They're a scrappy team that plays an entertaining brand of baseball. Moreover, its nice to see a small market team playing so well for so long - stands full of fans and whatnot. I actually remember rooting for them back in the late 80s and 90s, when they had Shannon Stewart, Eckersley, Canseco, Pendleton, McGwire, Rickey, etc. But, its no secret that the Sox are my adopted team for the present. And as a lover of history (what true baseball fan isn't a lover of history?), I want to see the Sox win. Besides...they're a 'colorful' team. Last night, the ESPN commentators likened them in many ways to the 1993 Phillies - something I'd not thought of before but is very accurate. Hopefully they can catch NY.


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