Saturday, September 04, 2004

Special Weekend Update

Now...if only I had something interesting to say...

That's right...its the weekend and I'm bored silly. I'm watching the US and El Salvador play their WC06 qualifier on TV (Amis up 1-0 early) and trying to think of something to do for the rest of the day/weekend. Too many people that I know are out of town or busy so I'm left to my own devices (never a good thing). Last night's solution was incredibily antisocial - a post-work nap that turned into a night of sleep and an early morning. Now I'm left looking for something else to do.

Lucky you, that means a blog post. So...a few notes and a complaint...

The idiocy of Kevin Brown. My goodness. Bad enough that you and your Yanquis teammates blow another game and your slide has allowed Boston to slip back into the division race. But to put your hand through a wall in frustration, breaking your non-pitching hand and possibily being lost for the season... This is the kind of stuff that happens to...dare I say it...other teams? The Yanquis seem to be in full meltdown mode. They only have two decent starters right now, one of whom may now be lost for the year (and the other, Mike Mussina, lost 7-0 to the sad sack Orioles today). Boston lost today, but they're still 2.5 back now. Easy striking distance. NY better be careful...last thing they want is to have to go the wildcard route.

I'm trying to stay upbeat about the election. I still think Kerry can and will pull this off. Post-convention bounces are always weak and I think Kerry will pull ahead come the debates. By November, I think El Presidente will be facing defeat. Have to stay optimistic.

Now a complaint....e-mail. Listen, folks...I know I take e-mail seriously. It is part of my job - I have to respond all the time. And I know that my attitude towards e-mailing replies immediately isn't that of everyone... BUT... I e-mail friends and family all the time and some of them *cough* do not reply. Makes me wonder if you're sick, or dead, or just want me to shut up. There...I said it. I made my peace. Write me back, folks... ;)

Approaching halftime in the soccer match...Amis still up 1-0 (El Salvador is down to 10 men and their coach has also been thrown out). Maybe it's time to crawl into a bottle... ;)


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