Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What costs billions of dollars, is an important "agenda" item for Bush, and doesn't actually work?

...that's right, boys and girls....missile defense!! Today's Post has an article about how, surprise of surprises, the technology doesn't actually work and the odds of it ever working with current technology limits (as currently conceived and designed) are long. Indeed - it may never work.
But what the administration had hoped would be a triumphant achievement is clouded by doubts, even within the Pentagon, about whether a system that is on its way to costing more than $100 billion will work. Several key components have fallen years behind schedule and will not be available until later. Flight tests, plagued by delays, have yet to advance beyond elementary, highly scripted events.

The paucity of realistic test data has caused the Pentagon's chief weapons evaluator to conclude that he cannot offer a confident judgment about the system's viability. He estimated its likely effectiveness to be as low as 20 percent.

20 percent? 20 f*cking percent??? That's what we're paying $100 billion for? Even better...the article contains this bit of lunacy from Rummy:
"Did we have perfection with our first airplane, our first rifle, our first ship?" Rumsfeld said in an interview last month. "I mean, they'd still be testing at Kitty Hawk, for God's sake, if you wanted perfection." But I'll bet you had more perfection than 20 f*cking percent!!!

Now, none of this, if you've been paying attention, is old news. The Post has been skeptical about it for a long time. The question is...why aren't opponents of missile defense making this point? Is it because they're scared of El Presidente saying they want North Korea to nuke us? *sigh*


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