Sunday, October 10, 2004

Happy Columbus Day!

I get a restful three-day weekend reprieve from work, so...don't expect much from me tomorrow. But, since I'm basically sitting here watching the Deadskins stink up the field, I thought I'd share a few thoughts from the weekend:

Debate: I thought Kerry won, though not nearly as handily as he did the one before. Bush was angry, loud, and abrasive and I don't think it came across very well on television. Kerry had some very good moments and Bush seemed to struggle with understanding why anyone would question him or his policies at all. That said, he had a chance to really go for the jugular and passed it up - which leaves the race interesting down the stretch.

Red Sox v. Skanks: I'll post my ALCS and NLCS thoughts either tomorrow night or Tuesday, along with my official predictions. Note, btw, that I'm two for two on round one and the Cards are winning in Game 4 late. The ALCS is primed to be an epic showdown...perhaps even bigger than last year's because of the anticipation factor, the rematch factor, the heated regular-season games, etc. Should be a great series to watch. Go Sox!

"Garden State": Saw "Garden State" last night. A good movie, should have ended about 10-15 minutes earlier. At the end, Zach Braff (the writer/director/star) went for the "Hollywood ending" to the film and decided to "explain everything" that didn't really need explaining. He could have easily ended the movie with questions unanswered and things "unexplained" (even if we in the audience knew exactly what was going on) and it would have been much better. Still...the film was good. Not a bad first effort.

Note to Chadwick's in Georgetown: A turkey-burger should not taste like meatloaf. Were we the only people who've ever noticed that?


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