Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My stupid mistake

As some readers may be aware, I am occaisionally prone to a kind of "brain lock" which usually results in my making a rather embarassing mistake or error. There are literally dozens of examples where I didn't think clearly and as a result created a bad situation...worse...an embarassingly bad situation. Examples would include:

- nearly setting the house on fire during high school because I was playing with matches over a rubber trash can filled with paper
- getting my thumb stuck in a can of RC Cola while on vacation (still have a scan from that one)
- walking around, going to a party, and then getting drunk (during college) immediately after I had managed to do serious ligament damage to my right knee while...yes...climbing on a bunk bed in order to get better television reception
- unplugging the deep freezer at my mother's place in order to listen to the radio while sweeping out the garage (in the summer) and then proceeding to forget to plug it back in when I was done...my mother still won't let me live that one down

The list goes on and on and on - those are just some of the better ones.

That said, last week I had to add a new one to the list. As some of you know, I recently got contact lenses. I haven't had any problems with them - indeed...I love them. As all of you know, I'm a big baseball fan. Well...last Thursday night, I managed to fall asleep while watching Game 7 of the NLCS between Houston and St. Louis. When I woke up, the game had just ended and Fox was doing postgame interviews. Now, when I'm drowsy I usually take the contacts out and put on my glasses - I don't have to, but I figure it's a good habit to have. This time I had fallen asleep with the contacts in. No worries - you can take them out...it doesn't cause damage. Even better, it was the end of the two week cycle for my disposable contacts, so I didn't need to get out of bed to take them out (in order to put them in solution) - all I needed to do was take them out and set them in a tissue to throw away.

No problems getting the left one out. The right one seemed to be giving me a hard time, however - wasn't coming out. Unfortunately for me...what I didn't realize until the next morning was that it was out. It must have come out and then slipped off my finger, since I found it on the floor the next morning. Meanwhile, I still think it's in my eye, so I keep grabbing at it - for the next six hours - pulling at the thin membrane that covers the eye to protect it from dust, etc.

Needless to say, I cut my eye. Out of stupidity. Friday it was a little sore and completely bloodshot. It has gotten much better since then and I think in another day or two will be completely healed...but...shouldn't have happened in the first place. Thank God I didn't go for the tweezers to get it out...the thought actually crossed my mind!


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